NovaWhite has been selling teeth whitening for over 5 years and has been named as one of AOL's top 10 at home whitening companies. We use the same carbamide peroxide solution as dentists use in their office. Studies have shown that stained teeth can prevent you from getting a job or obtaining that special someone. Don't let it happen to you!

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The History of Teeth Whitening

Transforming your teeth into a pearly white smile is a piece of cake in today’s day and age. But adopting a brilliant beam hasn’t always been so simple!   This...

Eat Your Way to a Brighter Smile

Eat Your Way to a Brighter Smile   It’s common knowledge that sodas, teas and coffees stain pearly whites, but what about foods that do the opposite? According to a...

Why choose NovaWhite as your teeth whitening provider?

NovaWhite Blog Post – 3/24/2014 Title: Why choose NovaWhite?   A bright smile is one of the crucial things that can help make a memorable first impression. Having dull teeth...