NovaWhite has been selling teeth whitening for over 5 years and has been named as one of AOL's top 10 at home whitening companies. We use the same carbamide peroxide solution as dentists use in their office. Studies have shown that stained teeth can prevent you from getting a job or obtaining that special someone. Don't let it happen to you!

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Back to School!

Nervous for the first day of school?     Back to school jitters are common among all ages and seem to come back year after year. This school year can...

Smile! It's good for you!

SMILE! It’s good for you! Studies show by simply smiling you send a message to your brain that will release “happy endorphins” which in turn do just that: make you...

Four Types of Teeth and How They Function

Most of us take our teeth for granted... until something goes wrong.Our teeth are very essential tools of the body.They help us chew, digest food, are important role in our...