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by Nova White


Get White Without the Discomfort!

 KnowYourTeeth.com tells us that tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints among dental patients. At least 40 million adults in the United States suffer at some time from sensitive teeth.


NovaWhite has worked hard to develop a product, which aims to block all areas of sensitivity. NovaWhite’s Carbamide Peroxide solution is water-based, which helps minimize tooth dehydration, a major cause of sensitivity. NovaWhite’s gel is of a high viscosity, which results in less movement of the gel once it is placed in the trays. Other gels with less viscosity are more liquid and end up all over the mouth and gum areas, which again will result in sensitivity. NovaWhite gels have a pH level of 7, which is a perfect balance on the spectrum and reduces the opportunity for teeth to demineralize.  When there is demineralization, bacteria can grow on the teeth creating a more acidic atmosphere. By reducing the opportunity for acidity to occur, the chances of sensitivity occurring are reduced as well.  


Nova White
Nova White


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