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by Nova White

Eat Your Way to a Brighter Smile


It’s common knowledge that sodas, teas and coffees stain pearly whites, but what about foods that do the opposite? According to a recent news story, you can eat your way to a brighter smile!


On your next shopping trip, stock up on these natural foods to brighten your way to a brilliant beam.


Strawberries: This sweet summery fruit is also loaded with malic acid, which acts as a natural astringent to remove discoloration on the surface of teeth.


Broccoli: This crunchy vegetable, in its raw form, is perfect for rubbing off plaque and preventing surface stains on teeth. A few florets in a salad serve as a brief midday, mid-chew brush!


Water: Sipping and swishing natural (non-sparkling) water in between consumption of pigmented foods is the simplest way to prevent teeth discoloration. Water also reduces the acidity in the mouth, which prevents further damage to the enamel.


Keeping your brighter, whiter smile is much simpler when you know what to eat!

Nova White
Nova White


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