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For the Coffee Addict:


Majority of the working/ early-riser population would most likely admit to a coffee addiction. Whether this is a simple cup of coffee in the morning or full-blown three-trips-to-Starbucks per day reliance on caffeine the implications are the same… Stained teeth! According to an article on OnlyMyHealth.com, it is the dark pigment of coffee, which with repeated exposure will dull your smile. The acid in coffee also has a corrosive affect that wears away the top enamel on teeth leaving behind a yellower shade below.


Because coffee is an acidic beverage, the coffee acid colors the enamel surface. According to the American Dental Association, coffee is considered "bad" for teeth. However, maintaining daily levels of fluoride and keeping an eye on teeth coloring prevents us from having to stop drinking "bad" drinks.


Since you obviously don’t want to or simply are unable to break away from this caffeine lifeline there is another solution: teeth whitening! With NovaWhite you can succumb to your addiction without having to worry about the effects on your [now] pearly-white teeth.



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