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Do You Have a Tooth-Friendly Diet?



We all know that regular brushing and flossing will help prevent tooth decay and gum problems, but what will brighten our smile while eating? Some foods can contribute to keeping your smile looking white by helping your overall health.


Balanced Diet


It’s important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, including vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and others nutrients into your every day routine. Along with eating healthy, we can be conscious of the unhealthy snacks we are eating and try and limit their intake.


Did you know that saliva plays a crucial role in mouth and teeth cleaning? Saliva removes cavity-promoting food because when you snack all the time you constantly expose your teeth to foods that can erode enamel.


Preventing Cavities


Everyday we must consciously make the decision to choose a healthier alternative. The best advice to prevent cavities is by eating three meals a day and avoiding foods that will cause tooth decay. Biting down on something hard often weakens teeth with root canals or fillings, avoid ice and food with pits and you will avoid cracks and fractures in your fillings.



 The acids in oranges and pineapples whiten the surface of your teeth because citrus increases saliva production and washes your teeth as you chew, neutralizing acids. Milk and dairy contain lactic acid which helps prevent teeth from decay and the calcium strengthens bone that holds the tooth in place. Here are some examples of foods that will help brighten your smile:



Sugar-free drinks

Sugar-free chewing gum

Citrus fruit

Cheese and milk

Fish and flax




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