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Taking good care of your teeth is necessary to maintaining a healthy smile! Once you have a grasp on the best techniques for oral hygiene, it is easier to keep up with your dental routine.

For everyone with little ones running around, this video from My Kid’s Dentist is a fun way to educate children on the importance of maintaining an oral hygiene routine. Starting early is key in protecting teeth from cavities and promoting overall oral health.

Kids of all ages can appreciate the brushing and flossing techniques described in the video. Dental routines can get increasingly boring, so taking a refresher course in how to effectively clean your teeth is an excellent way to stay motivated through monotony!

Highlights from the video include ensuring that you brush teeth from every angle and keep brushing for at least two minutes, twice a day. Skimping on oral hygiene will only hurt you in the long run, so make sure you stay dedicated to your dental routine in order to have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible!


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