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Every client is different but the final result is the same, a beautiful new NovaWhite smile.

The length of treatment and expected outcome will depend on the cause of the discoloration.  Success will vary when tooth discoloration is related to inherited/developmental aspects, age-related tooth changes, extrinsic staining (e.g., from diet or smoking), or intrinsic staining such as tetracycline-associated stain or color change secondary to tooth trauma. -  ADA study on Tooth Whitening Treatments (Sept. 2009)


We are often asked such questions as: "How long will it take to see results?"  

Many companies make claims that results are guaranteed within one use and I can assure that anything turning your teeth instantly white is probably not going to be doing your enamel any favors.  

With that being said, most NovaWhite clients tend to see a noticeable difference within 2-3 treatments but it should be noted that the best sustainable teeth whitening results come from a process.  Remember you want them to stay white and not just be white for the night and sensitive for the month. 

The point:

Every client is different given their initial staining or discoloration and results are often subjective depending on the client's ultimate shading desires.  You only get one set of teeth so treat them with the respect and love they deserve and maybe that new smile will result in some new respect and love coming your way!


Nova White
Nova White


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