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NovaWhite QuickStart Kits

The NovaWhite Quick Start Kit comes equipped with:

  • Thermoform Boil and Bite Mouth Trays
  • 5 mL teeth whitening gel syringes
  • LED Light 
  • Easy To Follow Instructions

Our standard thermoforming boil and bite Quick Start Whitening Kit is designed for the client who needs to whiten quickly for an upcoming event. Thermoforming is a process where thermoplastic material is heated and it is then immediately shaped to the mold of your teeth when pressed against them. For many of our clients, this affordable option provides them with the results they seek. 



The NovaWhite LED Teeth Whitening Light is used for accelerated whitening results. Just apply a small line of 22% carbamide-peroxide whitening gel across the upper and lower portion of the duplex tray. Using the LED lightening system allows better absorption of the bleaching agent. This makes this system very fast and effective.


Included are packages of 2, 4, or 6 syringes. Syringes contain 5mL of 22% Carbamide Peroxide gel. We also include a retainer case for easy storage. Since many clients complain of the bad taste of teeth whiteners we've added a slight mint flavoring to our gel. Our syringes are top of the line and exceed all industry standards by using dental grade syringes and high-quality Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel. Like all of our products, our new gel is manufactured and filled in the USA under strict manufacturing guidelines.