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Teeth whitening Gel Refill- 4 Syringes

5mL Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Syringes 

Gel Strength: 22% 

Flavor: Mint


(2) 5mL Syringes = Approximately 10 Treatments

(4) 5mL Syringes = Approximately 20 Treatments

(6) 5mL Syringes = Approximately 30 Treatments

NovaWhite's new and improved 5.0 mL gel syringes are top of the line and exceeds all industry standards by using dental grade syringes and high quality Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel.

Like all of our products our new gel is manufactured and filled in the USA under strict manufacturing guidelines.


We recommend storing the tooth whitening gel in a cool dark place. Perhaps a room temperature bathroom drawer. If stored in this way, the shelf-life of the whitening gel is approximately 18 months.
Our gel is concentrated with no fillers. Therefore, you get only the beneficial ingredients with no dilution. Our specially formulated gel uniformly immerses the teeth in flowable gel. This optimized treatment delivery system yields outstanding results every time with little or no sensitivity. This makes our gel superior to most on the market. Compare our formula to Opalescence and NiteWite.
1. Add the dispensing tip to the syringes.
2.  Place no larger than a pea size drop of gel on each tooth indentation on the tray or LED Light.
3.  Place tray over your teeth.
3.  Rinse mouth and tray out.
We suggest beginning whitening sessions in increments of 30 minutes at a time.  If you do not experience any sensitivity, feel free to increase whitening time as you desire.  

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