Custom Teeth Whitening Kits

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  • Benefits

    Custom teeth whitening trays give you a precise fit that will snap to your teeth for a perfect fit.

    You can talk...

    You can breathe...

    All while whitening your teeth.

    Custom trays allow you to reach those hard to reach stained crevices

    We provide you the materials to go from your house to our dental lab to your doorstep.

    Save Time

    After setting an appointment, meeting with your dentist, creating your impressions you've easily surpassed multiple weeks before you've gotten your trays.

    With NovaWhite, after we receive your impressions, we'll create your trays within 5 days and shipment back to you. 

    Save Money

    You will spend $300-500.00+ on custom dental and whitening gel. Normally our custom trays regular price is $169.99. Today the Custom Silver is only $129.99