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Teeth Whitening LED Light

Included in Package:

Would you like faster teeth whitening results? But you know that using a gel strength of 30%, 35%, or 44% could be potentially harmful to your long term oral health. We introduce to you the accelerator. 5 LED Light that plugs directly into the duplex led tray.

What do you do? 

Remove cap from whitening tube. Dispense a small drop per inner facial side of the upper and lower portion of the tray that will rest on the visible teeth. Spread the gel evenly using the dispensing tip. Insert the tray in your mouth. The soft ready form tray will suction up against the teeth. 


After filling the duplex tray with a tiny amount of gel, plug the LED Accelerator into the tray. Turn on the light. Insert in mouth for 15 minutes. If any discomfort occurs, rinse immediately, wait two days, and resume treatment. 
You can also paint the gel into the teeth surface first using a cotton swab and then adhere the tray and light. 

Treatment Duration

Wear the tray for 15 minutes per treatment. If no discomfort occurs, continue to add increments of 15 minutes per treatment.

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